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7 min readApr 14, 2022

Everyone wants to create great content, but unfortunately, most of the content people create isn’t great or even good most of the time. And if we are brutally honest most of your content might be even bad, if it’s not following these tips. Thankfully though, in this blog post we will be going through our 10 tips for great content writing to help you create not just ok or good, but great content that you can share with pride.

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1. Create a compelling headline

One of the most important things when creating content that isn’t just good or average, but instead great is the headline. A headline is the first thing user will search and read when they stumble on your content. There is a reason tabloids and newspapers are so heavily focused on their headlines and that’s because the headline matters.

A few ways to make your headline compelling and something that will attract more clicks is to use a number in your headline.

For example:

  • “15 dog facts you didn’t know”
  • “10 easy cooking tips”
  • “20XX best cars for family trips”

If you can’t come up with compelling headlines yourself, consider checking out Jasper AI that can up with headlines and much more for you. You can use our link to grab 10 000 FREE words to test it out.

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2. Pull readers in with your intro

The second part of great content is an intro that truly pulls your reader in. After you capture them with the headline you need to reel in that reader. An intro that briefly explains what the content will be about and at the same time makes the reader intrigued to read it whole is the most effective.

A great way to make your intro interesting is to use these three steps:

  1. Quickly summarize what your content is about.
  2. Highlight a common problem related to the content.
  3. Tell the reader you will tell them how to solve the problem.

3. Write for the right audience

One of the biggest mistakes content creators do, might it be a blogger, video creator, podcaster or even an SEO expert is that even though they might already make great content they create it for the wrong audience because they don’t understand who their audience is. To ensure your audience wants to read, you must write for them and choose your audience carefully.

A blog writing about sports cars or trucks might be interesting for car enthusiasts but their true audience is people interested specifically in those topics. A person looking for a minivan for their family won’t be interested in reading about the next big sports car event or how trucks have evolved since the 1980s.

To help you in this task ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my content about?
  2. Who is my ideal reader?
  3. Is my content something I would read if I was in their shoes?

4. Focus on the topic

Focusing on the topic might sound easy, but when creating great content your focus must stay on point. So many great blog posts and articles can be turned into below-average mush when you start writing about topics that go off the point or in the worst case are completely off-topic.

5. Be engaging

Engaging your reader isn’t an easy task. With so many distractions these days from instant messaging, and 24/7 news to gaming and everything between it’s easy to lose your audience and even hard to keep them engaged.

A great way to keep your readers engaged is to ask questions related to the topic to make the reader think.

6. Be yourself

To keep readers coming back and to engage them better we highly recommend you to be yourself. Your personal style of writing and tone of voice is what people want to hear. It also helps you to stand out and turns your generic bland content into great content with a real tone of voice and personality.

7. Write on topics that readers want to read about

Even if you write the best blog post in the known universe about bird migration you won’t get it to read if people are not interested in reading about the topic. The often cold reality is that people only read what interested them meaning if you want to write great content you need to write about topics readers want to read about.

8. Keep things structured

As we mentioned earlier an easy way to lose your readers is to mumble and sidestep too far from your original topic. A great way to stop this is to keep your content structure. This also helps your readers navigate through your content and turns it from “OK” or “good” to “GREAT!“.

9. Include actionable tips

People often read your content to solve a problem they might have. A simple blog post explaining how to fix certain things is great and works most of the time but it also easily turns great content into a user manual.

Here is an example of a few actionable tips, you might have already picked from this guide:

  • “To write great content, always check your grammar.”
  • “If you want to write great content, FOCUS!”
  • “Structure your content for easier writing and reading.”

10. Make yourself worthy of the reader’s trust

The web is full of content written by people of all ages, social statuses, educations, and even some by shady users who might not have the reader’s best interest at their heart. This creates a dilemma, for you and us since readers have little trust in new content. This also means even if your content is great people won’t share it or at worst will ignore it completely.

To solve this problem it’s always a good idea to showcase your credentials in some form. For some, it might be social proof and for others “proof” of their knowledge in a form of “About John Smith” where they explain briefly about their education and/or work experience.

What to do if you can’t write great content?

Know that we know how to write great content, what if you simply can’t write it? Well thankfully there are solutions that can still help you write that content with little to none, of your input, but simply giving them a brief “This is what I would like my content to be written off…” and they will do it for you. Let’s dig in and see what these solutions are.

Use an AI writer

AI or artificial intelligence has become a great tool for many writers from professional news teams to bloggers and even affiliate marketers. A great example and one of our favorite AI tools is the Jasper AI. Which can generate anything from simple marketing texts to whole SEO blog posts.

Let Jasper write your marketing copy for free and grab these 10 000 FREE words, on us.

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Hire a freelancer

What if you don’t trust an AI to write for you? What if you want a human touch? Then you can always hire a freelancer. Finding the right freelancer for the job is not always easy, but thankfully there are platforms like Fiverr that can help you find the right one for you.

Simply create an account on Fiverr, post your request and get offers from freelancers who would be interested to work with you and writing that great content for you. Often these writers are familiar with SEO so meaning if you’re not familiar with search engine optimization they can ensure your content is optimized.

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So what have we learned regarding great content? It needs to have a great headline, an intro that pulls the reader in, written for the right audience, stay on point, be engaging, written in your own town of voice, have a topic that actually interests people, it needs to have a structure, include actional tips and last but not least be trustworthy.

If you manage to pack all these 10 tips into your writing you can turn it from good to great or even better.

We also learned what to do if we have no idea how to start writing and learned that there are tools like Jasper AI that can help us generate unique search engine optimized content without us needing to do the work or that we can hire a freelancer from places like Fiverr to write for us.

What do you think: “What makes content great?” Comment below and let us know.


What skills does a content writer need?

A content writer needs a good eye for content that interests readers and a keen eye on grammatical issues to ensure they write a good text.

Is content writing hard?

Content writing is hard, but thankfully there are tools like Jasper AI that can help aspiring content writers and even veterans to write faster but also better content.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is search engine optimized copywriting meaning the writer also considers what keywords they should include in their writing and how to ensure the text they have written will be found by search engines.

What are the main types of content writing?

The main types of content writing are:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing/Long Form
  • Social Media Posts
  • Emails

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